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What Are the Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems In Commercial Buildings?

A Gary’s VACUFLO central vacuum system can offer many benefits for commercial buildings including significant improvements in indoor air quality, cleaner floors and work surfaces, lower costs for maintenance and more.

How Do Central Vacuum Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality?

A central vacuum system is significantly healthier for the conditioned space of any building for one simple reason. It exhausts outside the conditioned space.  Rather than having a variety of on board filtration systems (HEPA, Allergan, Etc…) a central vacuum system removes 100% of what it is vacuuming up and dispenses the visible particulates into a collection container and all non-visible particulates outside the building or into a filtered separator outside the conditioned space.  Another benefit to this is that most central vacuum system do not suffer from reduced suction due to a clogged filter, so they are always working at an optimal level to keep your building as clean as possible. Comprehensive studies (UC Davis Medical School) have shown that using a central vacuum system rather than a portable vacuum can reduce specific allergy symptoms by as much as 60%.  Central vacuums make a significant improvement to the quality of breathable air in a conditioned space by reducing the airborne particulates that can be created when using a portable vacuum.

How Do Central Vacuum Systems Deliver Cost Savings In Commercial Projects?

An argument can be made that central vacuum systems save man hours simply because they have more power. Making cleaning faster, more efficient and keeping work areas healthier, ultimately saving on man hours. In addition, many of our larger clients have discovered the significant savings is in the replacement costs.  In many cases one centralized vacuum system will replace 3, 6, or even a dozen other portable vacuums which are either some type of shop vac or a portable vacuum that is not designed for commercial use.  From what our clients have shared, a “commercial” rated shop vac generally lasts 12-18 months before it needs to be replaced and during that period of use they need constant cleaning and maintaining which translates into more man hours. If a business is replacing 5-10 portable vacuums every 18 months at a cost of $400 each it doesn’t take long for a centralized vacuum system to pay for itself on this cost alone. Another aspect to consider is a centralized system is designed for the specific use for which it is intended, making it the best tool for the application rather than using something that was originally designed for some other use.

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