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Is Your Home Pre-Plumbed for a Central Vacuum Solution?

Gary’s Vacuflo works directly with the majority of professional home builders across the Northwest installing the central vacuum pipe network at the time of construction in their homes. This significantly reduces the cost of installing a system and at the same time adds significant value to the home.  Currently there are over twelve thousand homes across Oregon & Washington that have our pipe network in the walls. Is one of them yours? Simply click here to request a free quote. One of our territory managers will contact you to help you determine what may be a dramatic savings in providing your home with one of the most healthy and convenient appliances you can own.

My Home Is Not Pre-Plumbed, How Expensive Is Installation?

Surprisingly, it is less money and less hassle to install than the majority of our customers believe. The price is generally determined by the size, style and age of the home. It can also depend on the type of central vacuum system the home owner wants.  We offer different types of systems to meet just about everyone’s budget. In most cases we are able to install a complete system in just one day for the same or less cost than many of the high end portable vacuums on the market today. Another mis-conception is that there must be a large amount of sheetrock that has to be removed in order to get the pipe into the walls. In most cases we in fact remove very little sheetrock if any at all. In these cases of existing or remodeled homes one of our Senior Master Technicians will be assigned to the installation. Upon your request he will walk you through the work he is going to do and answers any questions you may have before starting the installation.  We typically install 2-3 systems per week into existing homes of all ages, sizes, and styles. To get specific accurate pricing just click on the “REQUEST” button and one of our territory managers will contact you and provide you with answers to your questions.

What are the Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems?

Central Vacuums from Gary’s VACUFLO work by transporting dirt, debris and dust particles through a simple network of in-wall tubing in your home. Such vacuum system offer numerous health benefits including creating a healthy home with improved indoor air quality and enhancing “green” homes.

Discover why Gary’s VACUFLO is the right central vacuum for your home and explore the benefits of central vacuums over portable vacuums. You may think your portable vac is doing a good job, but you’ll be surprised at how much more powerful a central vacuum is! But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials from satisfied customers. You’ll soon realize Gary’s VACUFLO is the right choice for your home!

I Have a Central Vacuum System, How Should I Maintain It?

Gary’s VACUFLO recommends scheduling a 20 Point System Check-up for your central vacuum system every 2-4 years. We service all brands and models.

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