5 Benefits to Builders Who Partner with a Whole House Vacuum Company

Building a home is a huge investment. An investment of time, effort, and money. But beyond that initial investment, your home is the place where you’ll spend the vast majority of your time. So why not a build a home that maximizes your comfort level and perhaps, even improves your health? Well, that’s where we come in.

Gary’s Vacuflo has been serving the Portland metro area for more than two decades. We have more than 65,000 satisfied customers throughout the region. And there’s a reason why. We provide whole house vacuum systems that simplify and improve the cleaning of your home. But that’s just the beginning. There are many more benefits to a whole house vacuum system and we’ll plug you into them.

But first, what exactly is a whole house vacuum system?

It’s a convenient alternative to portable vacuum systems. Just like your traditional vacuums, a whole house vacuum system removes dirt and debris from your home. But unlike portable vacuum systems, central vacuums remove dirt, debris, and dust particles by transporting them through a network of in-wall tubing in your home. Hence, the whole house aspect of our central vacuum systems.

While you may intend to live in your current home forever, Gary’s Vacuflo knows that sometimes life circumstances change. You could get a new job and decide to relocate. Perhaps you’ll near retirement age and decide you want to spend your golden years elsewhere. Perhaps you’ll grow your family and need to upsize your home. Life’s situations, planned or unexpected, could mean that at some point, you’ll need to sell your house. So why invest a large sum of money in a whole house vacuum system then? Quite simply, because it will help you earn more money.

Which leads us to Benefit #1. Whole house vacuum systems add to your home’s property value. How so, you ask? Because these types of systems are generally only associated with high-end homes. In fact, some estimates put the increase in home value at approximately $2000, with the value raising to $4150 via in the state of Oregon.

Perhaps you’re not planning to move. Why should you invest in a whole house vacuum system when you’re not going to reap the monetary benefits of selling your house anytime soon?

Well, that leads us to Benefit #2. Whole house central vacuum systems last longer than their portable counterparts. That means while you’ll need to frequently replace your portable vacuum cleaner, your whole house vacuum system will stand the test of time. Central vacuum systems often last a decade or longer, whereas portable vacuums have to be replaced every few years or so.

Furthermore, central vacuum systems are more powerful and provide a deeper clean than portable vacuums. In fact, most central vacuum systems have three to five times the suction power of a portable vacuum cleaner. This means that your carpet, curtains, and furniture will last longer because they’re less likely to become damaged by dirt and debris. So regardless of whether you’re selling your home soon, you’ll still be able to reap the cost benefits of our vacuum systems.

As you can see, acquiring a central vacuum system is a wise investment. But not simply monetarily. There are still many more benefits. For instance—Benefit #3—a whole house vacuum system can greatly reduce allergens present in your home, thereby improving your home’s indoor air quality as well as your overall health.

In fact, one study cited in this New York Times article says that whole house vacuum systems can actually reduce an allergy sufferer’s symptoms by as much as 61%. Likewise, our systems have been shown to remove 100% of vacuumed dust and dirt. This has been shown to reduce an allergy sufferer’s discomfort level by as much as 60%. Therefore, if you want to breathe easier, it’s a worthy investment to install a central vacuum system.

In today’s era of climate change, it’s also important for every citizen to reduce his or her carbon footprint. Which leads to Benefit #4…central vacuum systems are environmentally-friendly. If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner or want to appeal to environmentally conscious prospective homebuyers, an eco-friendly central vacuum system is the way to go. You’ll improve your indoor air quality, your family’s overall health, and have a positive impact on the environment all at the same time.

And then there’s the simple convenience factor of central vacuum systems, which leads us to our Benefit #5: a whole house vacuum system streamlines the cleaning process and simplifies your life; well worth that initial investment. With a whole house vacuum system, you won’t have to worry about changing bags or filters. You also won’t have to lug a bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room or up a flight of stairs. A central vacuum system is also quieter than portable ones. All of these factors combine to make a whole house vacuum system the most convenient option for your home.

As you can see, there are many benefits to investing in a whole house vacuum system. You will save money over time, improve your family’s comfort level and health, and also reduce your carbon footprint.

For professional homebuilders, Gary’s Vacuflo offers a generous Builder discount. So request a quote and take a look at some of our glowing customer testimonials. 65,000 customers can’t be wrong, after all.

We definitely want to add you to our long list of happy clients, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. In just a short amount of time, we’ll increase your comfort level, have you breathing easier, and potentially increase the property value of your home.

Take a look at our products and read more about their benefits. While we can’t promise to clean up all of life’s messes, we can certainly clean up the ones in your home.

Our whole house vacuum system will leave it looking spotless. So contact us here and we’ll help you realize all the benefits our whole house vacuum systems have to offer.

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