6 Benefits of Gary’s Vacuflo Preferred Customer Program

Vacuuming is a chore that can be a real hassle. When you’re home after a hard day’s work or trying to relax on a day off, the last thing you want to do is work around the house. Plus, it can be annoying for everyone else in your household since vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise and can disrupt those who are trying to sleep, read a book, or watch television.

But even more frustrating than that is when you take the time to whole house vacuum only for the job to not be done properly because your vacuum is not properly maintained or the proper accessories are unavailable. Or, even worse, when you need to make a trip to the appliance store to replace your vacuum.

One of the best solutions to these problems is to invest in a central vacuum system and take the added step of joining a preferred customer program.

You may be thinking that being a part of a preferred customer program is unnecessary, but if you whole house vacuum often, there are numerous benefits.Man & Woman Couple Shaking Hands with Employee - Gary's Vacuflo Benefits of Preferred Customer Program

Often people don’t even know what being a member of a preferred customer program entails. They believe such a membership is complicated and exceedingly costly.

This is untrue, as being a member of a preferred customer is not complicated at all and is in fact highly cost-efficient. Membership in a preferred customer program is beneficial in a variety of ways. Let’s dig deeper!

1. Save Money Over the Long Term

Having a whole house vacuum that holds up better over the long haul means less long-term expense since it does not require frequent replacement purchases. Rather than dealing with buying new equipment, all you really need to be concerned with is proper maintenance, which is why you would be well-served to join a preferred customer program.

Programs like these typically cost somewhere in the $100 range, which is incredibly reasonable given how important it is to properly maintain your vacuum. In many ways, being a member of a program like this is the vacuum equivalent of having an AAA card. With AAA, your membership ensures you always have support for your automobile. This would be similar, but instead would ensure constant support is in place for your vacuum when needed.

2. First-rate maintenance and replacement services

With a membership to the preferred customer program, you get up to six replacement bags per year (one every other month) that can be delivered right to your home. You can also receive one filter and maintenance kit to be sent directly to your home. These items typically cost upward of $50, not to mention shipping, but as a preferred customer, it is included with your membership fees.

3. Deep discounts on replacement parts

Whenever a part of your vacuum needs to be replaced, it is always a gigantic hassle identifying the right part and then shopping around for the best price. One of the key benefits of being in a preferred customer program is that you do not have to go through this process at all.

Being a part of the program entitles you to a significant discount on replacement parts and free shipping, but also takes the worry of shopping around out of your hands, as you know the parts you want will be available to you.

4. Convenience

Saving money and time are both major priorities for anybody on a budget, but sometimes this can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort to find the best deals, but as a member of a preferred customer program, everything is already taken care of for you.

In addition to monetary benefits, the convenience of not having to do anything more than click a few buttons on a website is a huge plus. Being able to get great bargains without having to exert any effort or spend any time is a benefit that you can only get from joining a preferred customers program.

5. Extended warranty and checkups

When the manufacturer’s warranty runs out you are typically stuck in a position without very many positive options. However, as part of a preferred customer program, your warranty runs far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and well into the future.

For as long as you are a member of a preferred customer program, you are covered just as you would be with an extended manufacturer’s warranty. This typically covers valves, pipes, and power units.

In addition, every two years you get a checkup that is included in your membership fees. During this checkup, a highly experienced technician inspects all of your accessories, as well as your pipes, valves, and power units. This is a service that normally runs between $100-$200, but if you are a preferred customer, it is performed free of charge.

6. Free clog removal and power head service

Admittedly, vacuum clogs that really hamper the performance of the vacuum are relatively rare. However, when they do occur, they can cripple the performance of the vacuum and cost at least $100. As a preferred member, you can rest easy knowing that if one of these debilitating clogs occurs, you will have an experienced technician at your doorstep in short order to diagnose and remove that clog.

Likewise, you are well-covered if anything happens to your powerhead. If your powerhead makes strange noises, you will need to get it serviced, and that generally costs at least $20. As a preferred customer, you do not have to pay to get your powerhead serviced as it is included in your membership fees.

In addition, if the powerhead ends up needing to be replaced, you do not have to worry a great deal about the cost of that replacement part as you will receive the generous 15% discount that you would receive for any replacement part, which is yet another perk of the membership fees you pay as a preferred customer.

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