5 Benefits of Adding a Central Vacuum Retractable Hose

Vacuuming is a chore. Some may even admit that it’s their least favorite chore to do. Many times, this is because you have to lug the heavy vacuum around your home, trying not to trip on the cord and always in search of a new outlet to plug it into. What if we told you that this does not have to happen anymore? That’s right! It’s possible if you switch to a central vacuum retractable hose system in your home.

At Gary’s Vacuflo, the retractable hose is just one of the many Vacuflo benefits. We already work directly with many professional home builders throughout the Pacific Northwest at the time of home construction, so there’s a good chance your home is already pre-plumbed for a central vacuum solution. After that is determined, we can install inlets and hoses in your walls based on convenient locations of your choosing.

Once everything is set up, all you need to do is pull the hose from this inlet, and you can easily clean your home without any lugging of the vacuum or hoses. If that’s not appealing and simple enough, here are five benefits of adding a central vacuum retractable hose to your home.

1. No More Hose or Cords to Trip Over

How many times have you been vacuuming your home and tripped over the cord or the hose? Or maybe another family member has? Or the cord got stuck on a piece of furniture and you could no longer move the vacuum? Or the hose may be difficult to put away or too heavy or awkward to carry? All these nuisances go away with a central vacuum with a retractable hose.

Since the vacuum motor is in a central location in your home and the wiring is within the walls, you won’t have to deal with a cord at all. And since the hose itself is hidden in the tubing of the system, also inside your walls, it will no longer get tangled around anything or fit improperly while stored when you aren’t using it. You just open the inlet that has been installed in your desired location and simply pull the amount of hose you need to best clean that room. No more cords or hoses to carry around the room.

2. Clean Up Is Much Easier

By adding a central vacuum retractable hose to your home, your cleanup is fast, easy, and some may even say fun. You will never need to worry about coiling cords or getting the hose of the vacuum put away for storage.

When you’re done with the vacuum, all you have to do in terms of cleanup is place your hand on the head of the hose to cut off the suction for a moment. Then the hose itself will easily zip back into the wall, without you needing to do anything else. You won’t need to walk the hose over to a specific location or do anything manually. You also won’t need to figure out a place to store it. It will do it all on its own.

3. No More Outlets Needed

Having to constantly look for and switch outlets or central vacuum inlets can add a lot of unnecessary time to your vacuuming. It can be even harder if your outlets were pre-installed in your home and not in the most convenient locations to you. This is another perk to having a central vacuum retractable hose system, as outlets are not necessary for it to work, making it even easier for you to clean your home. It will also make the entire process quicker and more efficient.

Additionally, by choosing an extendable retractable hose, it won’t matter where your inlets are placed. A retractable hose is longer and will allow you to clean multiple rooms at once. In the past, cleaning multiple rooms would require you to stop vacuuming and change outlets (with a portable vacuum) or inlets (with a traditional central vacuum), which added time and more effort. However, that no longer needs to be a worry. A retractable hose can be up to 50 feet long, which will cover about 2,000 square feet of your home. As one hose can clean this large of a space, you may even be able to clean an entire floor of your home at once.

4. You Will Get a Deeper Clean for Your Home

One big benefit of central vacuum retractable hose systems is that they’re installed directly in your wall and connected to the motor and debris storage by tubing. This means the dirt and dust you vacuum up is immediately and permanently carried away from your living space. And you won’t have to worry about any dust or dirt falling out when you empty the vacuum bag or canister several times during a cleaning. Instead, the debris storage will only need to be emptied a couple of times a year.

Additionally, the central vacuum motor is much more powerful than any portable vacuum. So your retractable hose sucks up far more debris than a traditional vacuum, resulting in a deeper (and more efficient) clean.

5. Longer Life Span

A central vacuum retractable hose receives less wear and tear than a traditional vacuum system because only the part of the hose that’s needed is pulled out and then returned to the inlet. With other vacuum systems and hoses, you are lugging them with each use, no matter how big or small the job. This causes friction that can harm both the vacuum and your floor.

As you can see, there are many benefits of adding a central vacuum retractable hose to your home. And at Gary’s Vacuflo, we offer options to enhance your cleaning, such as the Retractable Hose Tool Set Turbocat with RF Handle. This includes a Turbo Cat powerhead, 12-inch floor brush, dusting tool, upholstery brush, crevice tool, steel ratcheting wand with a wand hanger, an accessories bag to put everything in, and even a Radio Frequency on/off hose handle with a receiver. If you’re interested in a retractable hose or have questions, please contact us to learn more.

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