Can a Central Vacuum Cleaner Be Installed in a Commercial Building?

If you own or work in a commercial building, you know how much of a pain it can be to keep it clean. You may be eager to ditch the shop vac in favor of a centralized system but find yourself unsure about the possibility of installing one in a commercial space. We’re glad to tell you that, not only can a central vacuum system be installed, but in some circumstances, it may even be the best thing to do. Curious to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know.

A Vacuum Where You Need It – When You Need It

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t put off vacuuming just because of the effort it takes? You have to drag it out of whatever closet it’s stashed in, lug it all the way to where you need to clean, and find an outlet that will give you enough reach, and only then can you finally start your task. With a central vacuum cleaner, you no longer need to worry about transporting a heavy piece of machinery around.

Instead, you can just grab an attachment, hook up to an inlet valve on the wall, and start cleaning away. With a wide variety of attachments available, you’ll be able to find the right tool for the job. You won’t even have to worry about monopolizing the system either, as multi-operator systems allow more than one person to clean one area without hampering someone else cleaning another.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

One of the biggest benefits you will see from a central vacuum cleaner is the improvement to your air quality. This is primarily for two reasons: First, central vacuum cleaners pack a lot more power than the typical portable models do. Because the machinery doesn’t need to be carried around by the person using it, central systems can be equipped with more powerful power units that would be too heavy to transport regularly. Second, a central vacuum cleaner is much less likely to reintroduce particles and pollutants back into the building.

While a more traditional portable model will certainly help keep dust, dander, and other allergens out of your indoor environment, they also have the potential to leak it right back out. The problem comes down to how a portable vacuum operates. While a decent model will be able to pull particles off the surfaces it cleans, those particles are then stored within the machine itself. This means you can spend hours cleaning every inch of a building, only to release everything back out when you change the bag or empty the canister.

A central vacuum cleaner avoids this problem by taking everything you vacuum up and immediately removing it from the populated spaces of the building. Instead of carrying everything in a built-in container, a central vacuum cleaner sends it to a separate external storage tank, usually located in a basement or utility area. By taking allergens out of the business spaces entirely, central vacuum cleaners can significantly improve the indoor air environment of buildings they are in and reduce allergy symptoms that inhabitants may be suffering from.

Save Money on Replacements and Invest in the Future

How often do you need to replace your vacuum cleaner? If you’re using it regularly to clean a commercial building, it probably doesn’t last nearly as long as you would like. A central vacuum cleaner may be more expensive to install up front, but if you find yourself replacing portable models every few years—or even more often—you may find it to be a worthwhile investment. Instead of dropping a few hundred dollars on a brand-new vacuum, you’ll just need to keep up with the occasional maintenance costs to keep the central system running smoothly.

If you work with a cleaning service, you may find your labor costs reduced as well. That’s because the increased power a central system provides can make it overall easier to clean your building, bringing down the amount of time and work needed to complete the job. On top of all that, you can look at it as an investment in your building. When you install a central vacuum cleaner, you’re adding a valuable appliance that can help increase the property’s overall value.

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

There are no two ways about it, using a vacuum cleaner is a loud business. That is, of course, unless you’re using a central vacuum cleaner. Since all the heavy machinery of a central vacuum is isolated in a separate area, you can use it whenever and wherever without having to worry about the racket. You’d be surprised how much of a benefit a quiet vacuuming experience can be.

Sure, it may not matter as much if you have a crew coming after business hours to put the building back in order, but what about any messes that may crop up during the course of the day? A central vacuum can be used anytime, without the fear of interrupting any important meetings or phone calls. No more giving a wincing apology before cleaning up the dirt from the potted plant someone knocked over. Now you can clean with ease without disturbing the peace.

Get Back Your Time

Most people don’t realize how much time they spend vacuuming with a portable model. Even small rooms can spiral into huge tasks as you struggle to maneuver your portable vacuum into tight corners and figure out your optimal outlet usage. When you use a central vacuum cleaner, you’ll realize how easy things can be. The longer hoses can reach even the farthest reaches of a given room with ease. The high-powered machinery they’re equipped with makes your efforts more efficient, meaning no more second, third, or fourth passes over an area just to get everything. The central waste storage is magnitudes bigger than any bag or canister a portable model will be working with. Using a central vacuum cleaner will save you time, giving you the opportunity to get on with your life. So don’t waste any more time cleaning with a machine ill-suited to your needs. Give Gary’s Vacuflo a call. We’ll help you find the system perfect for you.


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