Central Home Vacuum: The Home Improvement You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Nobody enjoys the vacuuming process. Whether it’s the person doing the job or those around, it can be noisy, tedious, tiring, and just all-around annoying. Many people have the common plug vacuums, but most of them have limited reach. So each time you hit your limit, you have to turn the vacuum off, walk over to the outlet, unplug it, walk it over to a new outlet, plug it in, and vacuum again. If you’re doing the whole house, that could take a while, and if steps are involved, the whole process can be a literal pain in the back.

With Central Home Vacuum, the power unit is a permanent fixture, which eliminates the need to unplug and replug in your system. This is often installed to connect to each room and comes with a storage container, that lives outside the home’s living quarters. Inlets are installed in walls throughout for easy plugin, and cleanup is minimal.

There are many benefits to central cleaning, and people looking to improve their home vacuum systems in Portland should definitely take a closer look at this. Here’s why a central home vacuum is something you absolutely need in your home.

Mother & Daughter Cooking in the Kitchen - Gary's Vacuflo Central Home Vacuum

Minimal Noise

Nobody likes the sound of the loud household vacuum blaring through their rooms. Whether you’re sitting and watching television, doing work or just moseying around your home, the loud sound of the vacuum can be downright distracting.

However, when you partner with Gary’s Vacuflo, a central home vacuum company in Portland, the noise will be greatly reduced. Since the main source of the vacuum’s power, the motor, is located in the garage or basement, you’ll likely be far away from the brunt of the noise. In comparison to the traditional vacuum, the only thing you’ll hear now is the air flowing through the vacuum head; a significant improvement already!

Super Easy to Use

While nobody loves to do household chores, this is definitely much easier than lugging the whole vacuum contraption around everywhere you go. Central vacuums also have a wide range of accessories that make it easier to get to those hard-to-reach spots you struggle to clean with the big vacuum sitting in your hall closet. You can get every nook and cranny on your rug, in the corners, and even take care of dust and lint on the ceiling. Central vacuuming should take you less time, and is far more efficient.

No More Portable Vacuums

Once you get a central system, you’ll happily toss the traditional one you’ve been using all these years. Have you ever tripped over the vacuum power cord? Did you ever have to utilize extension cords? If so, those days are over.

Central air also has a large trash capacity, is known for not having issues with its filters, and the parts are long-lasting. Overall, the cost is far less than the cost of several vacuums you buy over a long period of time, because this system, if properly maintained, will last for many years to come.

The Air is Cleaner

It’s been proven that the air is cleaner and allergies are reduced when you go with a central vacuum system. According to one study, users of central vacuuming reported allergy occurrences have actually diminished since they went from their regular vacuum to a central one. The explanation is simple. Central systems actually extract the dirt, dust, and debris out of the house, which obviously makes the air quality better. It is stored in the main power unit, which is in the garage or basement, and is not likely near where you’re spending the majority of your time. Portable vacuums recycle the allergens back into the air through their exhaust, so central is far healthier.


With central vacuuming, you have the ability to clean places you would never dream of with the conventional vacuum. With long hoses available for use, you can even use these central systems to easily clean out vehicles, boats, and other recreational vehicles. There is literally an attachment for anything you’re looking to clean. Dust doesn’t stir up like what usually happens with a broom, and it’s far less of a hassle than the old vacuum you used to drag into the garage to clean your car.

Powerful Cleaning

Sure, the conventional vacuum can cover many of the same spots that a central unit can, but what’s the quality of the power it cleans with? Central systems can be up to three times stronger, and that means a deeper clean for your home.

Because the power source is in the basement or garage, the vacuum unit stays cooler, which allows it to perform at its optimal power. That means it will provide strong suction through the applicable network of pipes to make things run smoothly.

An Overall Good Decision

In terms of home vacuum Portland systems, this is a slam dunk. It’s easiest to use, is best for your health, makes the least noise and is the most versatile. What more could you want in an appliance?

As for the cost, while you may be paying quite a bit up front, it’s sensible to spend a little more now to avoid the cost of a new vacuum and repairs later. As long as you maintain your central system regularly, it will not require much maintenance. And if it does, it’s likely covered under your warranty. Overall, central vacuuming is not something you should just want. It’s something you and your family absolutely need. Now go and get it.


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