A Central Vacuum Can Improve Air Quality in Your Beaverton Oregon Home

Air quality is an important, though sometimes overlooked, aspect of home maintenance. Far too often, a cleaning routine includes vacuuming, dusting, or disinfecting counters, with the intent of removing dust and debris, but harmful particles or toxins are overlooked. Simply vacuuming or dusting may remove some of these harmful particles, but many of them are just redistributed back throughout the house. On the surface, countertops and floors may look clean, but the air quality itself has not been improved.

Air quality in Beaverton, Oregon, may be affected by harmful pollutants that are aggravated by wildfires and cooler weather in the winter. This makes air quality an essential part of home cleanliness. To ensure a healthy and comfortable home, air quality should be accounted for during routine cleaning. A central vacuum is an easy and quick solution for improving your home’s indoor air quality. Read on to learn how.

Importance of Air Quality

Before delving into the benefit of a central vacuum system and how it can improve air quality in Beaverton, Oregon, it’s important to first understand why air quality matters. Most people consider air quality while outdoors. It’s even included on our weather apps. However, indoor air can actually contain up to five times more harmful particles and toxins than the pollutants outside. The average person spends more than half their time at home. This puts them more at risk for health issues aggravated by poor air quality, such as respiratory and sinus infections, lung disease, chronic allergies, and asthma.

In Oregon particularly, cool air inversions trap pollutants in the valleys between mountains. The emissions are unable to escape into the atmosphere because the colder ground-level air is trapped by a denser warm air layer. Pollution levels rise, making air quality even more important. Additionally, severe wildfires seasons increase this particle pollution.

Though it can seem like a difficult task to battle increasing particle pollution, there is an easy solution for improving air quality at home. Installing a central vacuum will significantly reduce particle pollution and irritants, improving symptoms related to air quality up to 60 percent.

Eliminates Recirculation

One of the primary benefits of a central vacuum is that it eliminates the recirculation of dust, dirt, debris, and harmful particles and toxins. Traditional portable vacuums do not eliminate all of the germs, dust mites, and allergens in your home. These particles are only partially picked up by the vacuum, while the rest are circulated in the air. These dust clouds are evidence of particles that are simply recirculated and not contained by the vacuum.

Due to its design, a central vacuum system captures all of the dust, viruses, and allergens without recirculating them back through the house. A series of in-wall tubing runs throughout the house and is accessed by inlets in each room. The dirt and debris are carried through this tubing system to a vacuum unit that is located far from living areas. This eliminates the possibility of particle pollution and allergens being blown back out into the same air you are breathing. Rather, they are fully captured and removed far away to a convenient location, such as a garage or basement.

Increases Power and Efficacy

A central vacuum also increases air quality through its increased power. Central vacuums have more powerful suction than typical portable vacuums. With a less powerful portable vacuum, allergens, dirt, debris, and particle pollutions become trapped in thicker fibers. To effectively remove these trapped particles, more suction is needed. With a central vacuum, the suction is powerful enough to remove these particles from thicker fibers. This means that every time you vacuum, it’s more effective.

Cleans Thoroughly

Central vacuum systems also include a wide range of accessories. Most portable vacuums come with a few attachments but are limited in their range. On the other hand, central vacuums have a wider variety of tools available. This includes upholstery tools, wall brushes, and pet hair brushes. These tools increase your ability to effectively clean every area of your home, thoroughly removing allergens and pollutants.

Improves Accessibility

Vacuuming regularly can be a hassle. Consequently, vacuuming gets neglected, and particles and allergens build up, drastically affecting air quality. Many households avoid vacuuming for as long as possible simply because dragging a vacuum from room to room can be cumbersome. Rather than cleaning as necessary, messes or debris are left until later, resulting in a bigger job being put off even longer. Over time, more particles and allergens build up, and the air quality, and possibly your health, suffer.

A central vacuum system is easier to access regularly. All that needs to be carried is the hose or any attachments. For even more ease, central vacuums can be installed with a retractable hose. When it’s time to vacuum, you don’t have to lug a hose or vacuum. Simply use the retractable hose. When you are done, watch it zip away into the pipe in the wall.

The ease of vacuuming with a central vacuum increases the likelihood of vacuuming more often and eliminating particles sooner, before they have a chance to build up. Vacuuming can take mere minutes when needed, rather than spending hours vacuuming an entire house. Since it is more accessible, and the job is made easier, vacuuming regularly is easily done. Regular vacuuming can improve the overall health of your home. This increases how much debris, dirt, allergens, and particle pollutants are removed. It also means that these harmful pollutants and irritants don’t have a chance to settle over time, improving daily air quality.

If you are looking to improve air quality in Beaverton, Oregon, Gary’s Vacuflo offers the best combination of central vacuum and built-in vacuum products and services. We aim to help improve your home’s air quality with high-quality central vacuum systems. We are also available to service all brands of central vacuum systems. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you.


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