A Central Vacuum Will Up Your Garage Game

The garage is an important and well-used place in a home. Whether you use it for storage, as a workroom, or to park your car, taking care of the space can make it a more welcoming environment. One way people choose to upgrade their garage space is to make cleaning it even more convenient by adding a central vacuum. It can make cleaning a breeze, and it’s easy to install when you already have a central vacuum system in your home.

Garage accessories can help you to clean your car out, clean large area rugs in a big space, or even tidy up your workstation after your latest project. No job is too big when you have the right central vacuum garage accessories on hand. Gary’s Vacuflo has the tools you need to take the next steps and up your garage game with a central vacuum. Here are a few ways garage accessories can come in handy.

Helpful for Workstation Clean Up

When it comes to getting tough jobs done, most people retreat to their garages. The large open area provides the perfect place for large projects, and the door opening provides the required air ventilation needed when dealing with a lot of debris. It’s the perfect place to cut wood and complete other construction-type projects when needed. With so many valuable tools lying around, it’s important to make sure your workstation isn’t covered with debris that could damage them. Central vacuum garage accessories are the perfect option for this kind of high-use area.

Debris from wood and other construction projects is no match for the accessories offered in the garage accessory set from Gary’s Vacuflo. It’s complete with two hose sizes and wand tools that can help you to clean those hard-to-reach areas on and around your workbench. You can get into tiny corners and ensure that your work area is completely clear and ready for the next project when you leave. It can also be an easy option to clean up the garage floor around your work area quickly.

An Easier Way to Clean Your Car

The more your use your car, the more often it will get dirty on the inside. Things like food and garbage can get tucked away under the seats, and the odds of a mess only increase when you add kids or pets to the equation. No one likes to have a dirty car, and a central vacuum in your garage could be the perfect solution to save you from countless trips to the car wash.

When you have a central vacuum installed in your home, adding a garage set is an easy task. You can choose between 30- and 50-foot hose extensions, based on your needs. This is a great accessory if you want to have the option to park your car outside of the garage while you vacuum out the interior of your car. The central vacuum will be able to vacuum up dirt, dust, pet fur, crumbs, and more neatly and store it away in the intended debris bag.

With car interiors often being made of sensitive fabrics like polyester and leather, it can be hard to trust just any tools when cleaning them. At the car wash, you know that the accessories available were made specifically to be used on car interiors, which can help you to feel assured that using them won’t cause any damage to your car. Luckily, the garage accessory kit for a central vacuum system can offer you the same assurance right at home. With tool accessories made specifically for tasks like dusting and cleaning upholstery, you won’t have to worry that what you’re using will be too rough for the intended surfaces.

No More Lugging a Large Vacuum Around

One of the greatest aspects of having a central vacuum in your garage is that you will no longer have to drag a large and heavy vacuum around to do any garage cleaning. Depending on the layout of your home, you could end up having to carry a vacuum up and down multiple flights of stairs. Not only can that be unsafe due to the weight, but it can also create more of a mess. When you carry a standard vacuum around, you’re not just carrying a cleaning tool. You’re also carrying around all the dirt you’ve picked up from other areas in the home. That debris chamber, when too full, can deposit debris from other areas of the home onto the floor and your clothes while you carry it around.

Having a central vacuum in your garage can allow you to avoid those issues successfully. Your garage set and accessories can be safely stored in the garage and connected to your central vacuum chamber when you’re ready to use it. Having a separate hose and accessories for that specific area will allow you easy access to things like the floor rug tool and other helpful attachments that make cleaning in the garage so much easier. The garage accessory set also comes with a convenient mesh bag caddy to make storing your tools that much easier.

Easy to Have Installed

You don’t have to be in the middle of a remodel or having a new home constructed to have a central vacuum installed in your home. One of the greatest benefits of a central vacuum in your home is that it can be easily installed by local professionals to existing houses, without leaving a visible trace of their retrofit.

They are a great asset to have throughout your home and especially in heavily used places like the garage. Want to see it in action? With the right garage accessories, your central vacuum can be accessed from nearby garage walls or even from the ceiling of your garage. Talk to one of the professionals at Gary’s Vacuflo to request a quote and learn about which garage accessories you’d find most useful in your garage.

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