Central Vacuum Storage Is Easier Than You Think

If you have a central vacuum, you know how much easier your life can be. Central vacuums are lightweight, great for air quality, and can hold a whole lot more debris than your typical vacuum. This one simple machine allows you to clean your entire home efficiently—and all without having to lug around that old, heavy vacuum cleaner. But you still have to take great care of your central vacuum by storing it properly and preparing it for its next use. So how can you do that?

Keeping your central vacuum stored away properly can give you peace of mind, but it can also help your products remain in good working condition for a longer shelf life. While central vacuum storage may seem like it could be difficult because of all of the pieces and accessories, it’s actually easier than you think.

Central vacuum specialists like Gary’s Vacuflo sell items specifically to help you store your product safely, so we’re going to share a few tips for how these products work and how you can make sure your system is efficient for a long time.

Tip 1: Keep Similar Tools Together

There can be many parts and tools that come with a central vacuum. And each tool is used for a very specific task. For easier retrieval, it’s a good idea to store the items that perform similar tasks together. You probably won’t need your pet tools near your premium upholstery tools, so separate your pieces into boxes and label them. That way, you’ll be able to perform whichever cleaning task at hand by visiting only one closet, cabinet, or location in your garage.

Tip 2: Take Great Care of Your Hose During Storage

Almost every room in the house needs vacuuming at some point. But if your hose is stored in a place that doesn’t usually require as much vacuuming as others, things can get more complicated than they need to be. You don’t want to carry your hose all around your home for fear of tangling it and/or accidentally dragging it across the floor.

The first step in preventing this issue is to invest in a nylon hose carrier. This product wraps around your hose and holds it tightly in place while it’s in storage and while you’re carrying it from room to room. You can carry the hose up and down stairs safely without worrying about dropping it or watching it unravel and get damaged.

A central vacuum hose is an investment, so it should be handled with care. If you keep your central vacuum in a smaller cabinet or closet, you may find that it gets tangled up more easily. If the hose is kept on the floor, this also opens it up to potential damage. You can either pick a spot where it has plenty of room and isn’t in the position to fall or get dusty. Or you can try a wire hose rack.

A wire hose rack is a great storage option for your central vacuum hose, as it gives you somewhere to hang your hose properly when it’s not in use. It’s wrapped in a circle and hangs in a place that was made specifically for the protection of your hose. If your nylon hose carrier is wrapped around your hose while it’s on the rack, you’re ensuring that it’s in the best position to stay undamaged and prepared for its next cleaning task. Place your wire hose rack high enough so you’ll never risk placing any other objects against the hose and putting unnecessary pressure on it.

Step 3: Keep Your Tools Organized

Your central vacuum tools will vary in size. Some are fairly small and easy to lose while others are much larger and easier to keep track of. The easiest way to not lose those small tools is by having an organized tool bag to store them in.

At Gary’s Vacuflo, we offer a fabric tool bag to hold all of your small tools in one place. We’ve also created a wire tool caddy for your bigger accessories like pet brushes and crevice tools. Then the caddy can hold your tool bag with the smaller items too.

Step 4: Get a Retractable Hose

If you’re ready to upgrade to the latest central vacuum hose storage, you’ll want to consider getting a retractable hose. This system allows you to store your hose right in the wall so you won’t have to worry about making room for it in a closet or elsewhere.

With a central vacuum, you’ll usually carry your hose toward inlets in various rooms. But with a retractable hose, you simply open the inlet to reveal a hose you can pull out to your desired length. This system allows you to use a longer hose than the standard one, and it even reduces the amount of storage you need because the hose is easily accessible in more places. When you’re finished cleaning up, the suctioning from the vacuum retracts the hose into the wall. You can be confident that your hose is stored properly with this system.

Step 5: Utilize the Wally Flex

Do you have an area of the home that gets dirty more often than others? The kitchen counter and the bathroom sink are two spots in the home that are notorious for getting messy. A quick and already stored-away option for getting to these high-use areas is the additional accessory Wally Flex. The Wally Flex is an auxiliary hose that mounts on your wall near heavy-usage areas. You can just pull off the thirteen-foot hose, vacuum your area, and place it back when you’re done with it. This way, you can avoid pulling your hose and/or other accessories out of storage for smaller tasks.

As you can see, there are ample opportunities for efficient central vacuum storage. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, Gary’s Vacuflo is happy to provide you with any central vacuum products, tools, services, or storage options that you’re interested in.

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