5 Reasons to Add a Central Vacuum System to a New Construction Home

Who doesn’t love to vacuum? Dragging the heavy machinery around the house. The motor screaming loud enough to scare every dog in the neighborhood. The dust blowing back into your face and really kicking your allergies into full gear. Trying to get into hard to reach areas, only to yank the cord out of the wall and hopelessly bend the plug. What’s not to like?

All of it, really.

Luckily, there is an alternative. If you’re thinking about moving into a newly constructed house, you have the perfect opportunity to add a central vacuum system. Leave your old portable vacuum behind with your old house and see what you’ve been missing out on. Here are five reasons to have a central vacuum installation in your new house!

1. Ditching the Portable Model

If you’ve used a portable vacuum for most of your life, you’re familiar with the problems they present. They’re heavy, they’re cumbersome, they’re loud, all in all, they’re a pain to use. In addition to that, how often do you have to replace a portable vacuum? Maybe they make sense if you’re just starting out, moving from one apartment to another, but if you’re settling into a new home, there’s no reason to keep the old vacuum around.

Man & Woman Couple Sitting on Couch with Move-In Boxes Around Them - Gary's Vacuflo Reason for Central Vacuum in New Construction

With a central vacuum installation, you can avoid many of the problems that come with the portable models. Since a central vacuum system stores all the heavy machinery out of the house, either in the garage or outside, you don’t have to listen to the loud whine of the motor.

In addition to that, the external storage means you don’t have to worry about recirculating dust in your home by accident. Have you ever given your house a deep clean only to go to empty the filter and shake half the dust out back into the air? A centralized system transports everything you vacuum outside of your house into a separate storage space, one with a much greater capacity than the portable models could ever have.

Moving into a new construction home provides you the ideal opportunity to easily have the system installed. You don’t have to worry about working around existing plumbing or wiring, you’re working with the blank canvas of your perfect home! Looking at the two options next to each other, it’s really no contest.

2. Powerful Cleaning

It takes a lot of time and energy to clean a home top to bottom. If you’ve only ever used a portable vacuum cleaner though, your efforts only go so far. Central vacuum installations pack a much bigger punch than the portable models, using up to three times more suction. By storing the motor in a stationary position, a central vacuum installation can utilize a much more powerful motor. Additionally, storing the motor outside the main house allows it to stay much cooler, adding to the longevity of the system on the whole.

The stronger system lets you get deep into nooks and crannies, capturing surface dust, as well as grit and grime that’s been ground deep into the carpet. By having the central system built into your house from construction, you will be able to take advantage of that stronger cleaning power from day one. You’ll notice the difference from the portable models immediately, and you’ll be thankful you decided to include it.

3. Health Benefits

The deep clean central vacuum installations offer doesn’t just keep your home looking neat and tidy, there are proven health benefits as well! In a study done by UC Davis, doctors observed the effects of installing a central vacuum system into the homes of allergy sufferers. A set of criteria was laid out to measure the severity of the subject’s symptoms, ranging from quality of sleep to how stuffy their noses got. The results were clear: central vacuum installations improve the quality of air, and by extension, the quality of life of people living in the homes.

It’s easy to understand why. Central vacuum installations allow you to use that stronger suction power, removing more allergens from your home than a portable model can. That improved suction power is then backed up by the external storage system, ensuring that you transport all that extra dust and debris immediately out of the house. Why bother moving into a newly built house if you’re just going to deal with the problems of your old one? If you suffer from allergies, you owe it to yourself to get as much dust and pollen out of your home. Your sinuses will notice the difference right away.

4. Ease of Use

Not many people actually enjoy doing their household chores, hence the name “chores.” Vacuuming has earned a special place on the dreaded to-do list, the ordeal of dragging a heavy machine around the house while also trying to reach into the tiniest corners making even the most proactive housekeeper balk. Get ready to change your tune because installing a central vacuum system makes the whole process a breeze!

A central vacuum installation works with a series of outlets built into your walls. Simply pop the tube into the outlet and the vacuum comes whirring to life. The placement of outlets allows you to reach into what used to be inaccessible corners, getting every last cobweb gathering there. The wide variety of attachments means you have a tool for every possible scenario, whatever surface or debris you’re working with.

And because you’re moving into a newly constructed home, you can strategize the best placement of the outlets to best tackle the chore. The system is so easy to use, you might even be able to convince your less than eager family members to lend a hand.

5. Smart Long-Term Investment

There are plenty of immediate benefits to a central vacuum installation, but have you considered the long term? Sure, there are plenty of benefits that you’ll notice right away, but a central system isn’t just a boon for the cleanliness of your house and your allergies. It can also prove a sound financial investment.

A central vacuum installation, while a large investment at first, will pay for itself in the long run. The system has much more longevity than a portable model, requiring only occasional maintenance as opposed to a portable model you might just have to replace in a few years.

You’re already putting your money into building a brand new house for you and your family, so go the extra mile to really make it the best it can be! What sounds like a better deal: having to get a tune-up every once and awhile, or having to buy a completely new machine? The answer should be clear.

And while a central vacuum system can be added to older constructed homes, when you’re already building, a new home is the best time to add it as the initial costs will be lower and the placement can be adjusted based on your needs.

Don’t take our word for it though, check it out yourself. Contact a local central vacuum installation specialist and get ready to change your home for the better.


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