Reduce Seasonal Allergies When You Invest in a Central Vacuum

Do seasonal allergies have you reaching for the tissue box more often than usual? There are many ways that pollen and outdoor allergens can make your life miserable come springtime.

Runny noses, itchy eyes, hay fever, sneezing, and coughing are just a few pesky symptoms that can ruin nice weather. Not to mention that in the springtime, pollen can cover our homes in a fine sprinkling of yellow dust. But did you know that there is another solution to your seasonal allergy woes?

A recent nationwide survey found that over half of all Americans test positive for at least some allergies. Allergens can travel into the home through open windows and doors, debris carried in through shoes or clothing, pets, and even mold or pests.

Man Sneezing in Tissue - Gary's Vacuflo Reduces Seasonal Allergies

In most areas of the country, these allergies can start as early as February and last well into early summer. That’s almost five months of sneezing and itchy eyes!

Don’t suffer through another season of springtime allergies. This year why not give a central vacuum a try? We, at Gary’s Vacuflo, know that a central vacuum can be an extremely effective way to abate seasonal allergies. So instead of reaching for the non-drowsy allergies medicine, let us show you why a central vacuum can be your allergy answer.

How It Works

A central vacuum from Gary’s Vacuflo is full-featured, in-home unit that provides superior cleaning power by separating dirt particles from the airflow in your home.

A central vacuum unit will be installed in a discreet place in your home (for instance, your basement or garage). This unit has a powerful motor inside, which creates a strong suction and has deep cleaning powers to filter through dirt and debris. Neither filters nor bags are used to filter away these unwanted pollutants; it all comes from the power of your in-home central vacuum unit.

A system of in-wall tubing collects the debris from the interior rooms of your home. This tubing creates a network of inlets that will seamlessly (and quietly!) remove debris, dust, or even pollen from the airflow. A central vacuum is guaranteed to increase the flow of clean, healthy air, which can completely make a difference come early spring.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum For Allergy Sufferers

There are many reasons why a central vacuum may be the right choice for your family. Once the unit is installed, cleaning is easy, quiet, and convenient. A central vacuum is simple to use and the versatility of a central vacuum means that you will easily say goodbye to your portable vacuum cleaner.

But what benefits can a central vacuum offer for seasonal allergy sufferers?

According to a study performed by the University of California at Davis School of Medicine, central vacuums keep the air cleaner than traditional vacuums because they completely remove and filter dirt and debris from your home and deposit the particles outside.

If you feel yourself constantly cleaning with your traditional vacuum cleaner, but your allergies have yet to subside, the study explains that this is because a portable vacuum cleaner recycles allergens back into the air when it exhausts. So no matter how much you clean with your portable vacuum, your home won’t be completely clean. How frustrating!

Portable vacuum cleaners tend to leave dirt behind, while a central vacuum completely removes dust, pollen, and debris. This is great news for the allergy sufferers, as that same UC Davis study saw that the use of a central vacuum improved sufferers’ symptoms by up to 61%. The study concluded that even participants who suffered from animal or pet allergies saw their symptoms greatly improved. It’s for this reason that we feel confident that a Gary’s Vacuflo central vacuum can make all of the difference in your home.

Our 20-Point Inspection and Commitment to Creating the Home of the Future

As part of our commitment to creating and installing the highest quality product, for every central vacuum we install, we perform our comprehensive 20-Point System Inspection. This ensures that all of our products are not only correctly installed, but continue to run at optimal performance.

We service our products every 2-4 years, guaranteeing prolonged customer support and assurance that your system is kept in top condition.

Humans spend more than half of their days at home with their family and loved ones. We at Gary’s Vacuflo want to bring you the best products that will improve your quality of life. Our Vacuflo system not only keeps the airflow in your home cleaner and fresher, it also enhances homes that are trying to be “greener.” Which means that a central vacuum is not only better for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s good for the earth.

A central vacuum can perform “whole house” cleaning for less time and money than a traditional vacuum can. Traditional, portable vacuums break easily and need to be replaced every couple of years. A central vacuum can add value to your home and is an investment for the future.

A Versatile Way to Clean

As we all know too well, not all portable vacuum cleaners are alike. Some only work on hardwood floors, while others work best on shaggy carpets, and some houses require multiple vacuums to keep the whole house clean.

Attachments to your central vacuum make it a versatile and easy way to clean the hard-to-reach spaces in your home and the powerful motor in your central vacuum means that you will receive a deep and powerful cleaning. This is the year that you will say goodbye to your allergies. We promise!

If you’re interested in finding out more information, why not give us a call? Our customer service representative will be happy to go step-by-step through the installation process and can answer specific questions that you might have about installing a central vacuum into your home.

There is nothing better than knowing that you have provided a clean, livable space for yourself and your loved ones. This spring, why not take your allergy symptoms by the hand and find a real solution to your pollen problems. We’re sure that a Gary’s Vacuflo central vacuum cleaner will make all the difference.

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