Vacuflo Attachments Make Vacuuming Even Easier

Not every room in your home needs the same cleaning method. Not every room in your home requires the same cleaning tools to get the job done. That’s why Vacuflo attachments give you the right tools for the job. You choose what’s best for you.

Hard Surface Cleaning

As you stroll through your home, you probably have different flooring in different spaces. Maybe hardwood on the main level, carpet in the bedrooms, and tile in the bathrooms.

Vacuflo Attachments Make Vacuuming Even Easier

Of course, you know you can’t use the same tools on carpet that you use on your hardwood. Not only does the wrong tool not get the job done right, but it also has the potential to damage the surface, too.

That’s why Vacuflo attachments offer you various solutions to get the job done the proper way. If you want to clean your hardwood floors, clean them with the right tool. Take the Microfiber Dust and Vac Tool. It’s super soft and won’t scratch even the most delicate hardwood floor finishes.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the tile entryway clean of dust and debris, our ZipBroom Combo Tool might be the perfect choice. It gives you all of the convenience of a broom with the added convenience of sucking away the dirt and particles. No more trails left behind that are simply too small to sweep up and away.

Powerheads and Hoses

Some rooms are longer than others. Some rooms have more surface area than others. That means you might need different Vacuflo attachments depending on the job at hand.

Do you want an easy way to clean the blades on your fan? Or an easy solution to dust away the cobwebs on your vaulted ceiling? You might need to invest in a longer TurboGrip hose. This attachment comes in both 30 and 35 feet lengths to give you the perfect amount of extension to suit just about any job.

Are you worried about scratching the finish of your newly painted trim boards? You might want to try one of the VacuBumpers to fit either the Edge or Turbine Powerheads.

You’ll also be switching between heads depending on your location. Maybe you want a spare powerhead, one for each floor, or one dedicated to a specific room with a specific job in mind. You can select from a number of powerheads – how about the TurboCat, the Edge Electric, or the RugRat?

Dust and Crevice Tools

The problem with dust is it accumulates in every little corner of your home. And some of those corners are more difficult to get to than others. That’s why there are several Vacuflo attachments to select from like the fabric brush that’s perfect to use on all of your upholstered furniture. No matter if you spill beads from your craft project or crumbs from your late night snack, this nifty tool is the perfect way to clean it up fast.

The shutter tool can make you look forward to spring cleaning as it wipes away the dust on your shutters and blinds. Just snap on this tool and you can have your cleaning done in minutes.

We’ve also received rave reviews on the crevice tool, which allows you to reach the most difficult places in your home. Behind the couch … not a problem. The cobweb stuck in the window frame? Suck it away. This is one tool you’re going to be pulling out of the closet every time you vacuum.

Pet Tools

How do a lot of your messes occur in the first place? If you look down at your floor, there might be a clue.

Pets. They’re your best friends, but they’re also the reason you pull out the vacuum as much as you do. How many times have you lugged out a variety of attachments hoping to suck away pet hair once and for all? What if you could stop the problem before it begins?

Now, we’re not saying that Vacuflo’s pet tools will solve your pet hair problem, but they can help you “suck up” some of the mess before it ever hits the floor. Give both the animal grooming pin comb or animal grooming brush a try.

No longer will your pet be scared of the vacuum or chase you throughout the house while you’re vacuuming. They’ll find it a comforting tool they look forward to you pulling out. It might become their new best friend.

Specialty Tools

Of course, we know that every home has its individual needs. And our specialty tools may be the perfect fit for the job.

Sometimes the job isn’t something you can suck up with a normal vacuum. What do you do if the job is wet instead of dry? Then it’s time for the Wet Vac Separator. It’s the perfect way to clean up the mess without ruining the internal structure of the Vacuflo system.

Looking for a more effective way to clean the basement or garage? Give our Webs B Gone set a try.

We even have the perfect tools for the mini-jobs around your home. Our mini vac tools are ideal for when you just don’t feel like lugging out the entire system.

Storage and Maintenance Tools

Shouldn’t it be easy to clean every room in your home the same way, including the basement and garage? Shouldn’t you have an easy way to store all your Vacuflo attachments – why make an even bigger mess by throwing everything into the closet and slamming the door shut?

That’s why you’ll find several holders and racks to suit your every need. Try our fabric tool bag; you simply drop all of the tools in and hang it up on the tool bag holder. This is especially effective for the kids in your home; it’ll make cleaning up that much easier.

You’ll also need to replace the basic maintenance items once in a while. We make replacement bags for all the Vacuflo models. We also have the replacement HEPA filters for all the units. We even offer a homeowner maintenance kit to ensure you have every tool you’ll need to do the job well.

Want to know which Vacuflo attachments would make your cleaning jobs a little easier? We’re happy to make a recommendation.

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