What Homeowners Really Think About Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum System

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve heard about a home having a central vacuum system but wondered, what is it? Does it really work? Is it something that you should have in your home? What do homeowners really thing about Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum System? Let’s review.

First, you might be wondering what a central vacuum system really is and how it works. A central vacuum system is a pipe system installed within the walls of your home so that you only need to vacuum a room. You simply pull the length of hose needed from the system, attach a task-specific nozzle if needed, and turn the power on to vacuum dirt and remove debris and allergens from each room.

The motor system is built into your walls allowing great flexibility and mobility than a canister vacuum system, and simple cleanup. The outlets can link into all key living spaces from the living room to the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Other benefits include a healthy home with improved indoor air quality enhancing “green” homes.

Gary’s Vacuflo works with a number of home builders to pre-set the installation of a central vacuum system at the time of building so a home may already have the technology, or, the pros at Gary’s can retrofit most homes to add this capability. But again, what do the people say about a central vacuum system?

One homeowner from Canby, OR, says that their allergies are so much better since using Gary’s Vacuflo system. “I love not having to dust after I vacuum” comments a homeowner from Vancouver, WA. But does it really clean clean? One housekeeper says that the home she cares for in West Linn, OR, is the best of all the homes she cleans! That’s a great endorsement from both homeowners and a pro.

Performance can be evaluated by a home feeling clean, as well as by the strength and ease of use of a product. A homeowner from Gresham, OR, remarked, “I couldn’t believe the power!” as another from Beaverton, OR, said, “It’s always the best system I’ve ever used.” But is it an essential tool for your home? “I’d rather give up my dishwasher than my Vacuflo System,” replied a homeowner from Lake Oswego, OR.

With a variety of power packs to choose from with extension hoses, specialized nozzles and brushes, every room’s surface from carpet to tile, upholstery to pets, can benefit from the central vacuum system. “I love the garage hose for cleaning out my cars and shop,” said a homeowner from Beaverton, OR.

Homeowners and developers agree that Gary’s Vacuflo is an important product for the home. Earth Advantage, a Portland-based nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the creation of better buildings, says that Gary’s Vacuflo is “an essential part of the indoor air quality portion of our program.” And Pahlisch Homes, Inc. of Portland, OR, says “We have never had a complaint about a VACUFLO Central Vacuum System.”

As every homeowner knows, as important as a product is, another key variable is the company and customer service of the vendor you work with. Area residents rave about the customer service and commitment to quality provided by Gary’s Vacuflo. Hayley F. from West Linn, OR, posted to Yelp: “I have owned two central vac systems-both installed by Gary’s Vacuflo at two different homes. I have always received prompt, excellent customer service and problem resolution on spot. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and the system!!!”

And a homeowner from Camas, WA, said, “The customer service at Gary’s is better than Nordstrom’s, it was a nice surprise.”

The praise for having a central vacuum system from homeowners can be found across the lifecycle from the search for a company to the team that handles the installation, and finally the ease and results of use.

Charles H. from Beaverton, OR, posted to Yelp the following: “Highly professional and made sure I thoroughly understood how to operate it. He also had additional tools that we wanted. The system itself is amazing. It can do so much more than a vacuum cleaner. And better than our vacuum. We are so glad to get rid of our clunky vacuum cleaner. Gary’s people were thoroughly professional and made us feel great about our purchase. The install was fast and flawless. I’d highly recommend Gary’s.”

Homeowner reviews on HomeAdvisor.com share the sentiment concerning the ease of installation and use. As with any mechanical element in the home, there are maintenance needs to ensure the longevity of use. Kelli G. from Vancouver, WA, wrote “We had a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Great customer service, efficient, clean, professional and an employee with a smile! We love our system!”

Another regional consumer rating from Business Finder lists five-star rating. Sharon posted that “Gary’s Vacuflo installed my central vacuum system almost 20 years ago. Still works perfectly and I could not keep up with the dirt and dust of the country living without it.” Other simply posted “five stars.”

What do homeowners really think about Gary’s Vacuflo Central Vacuum System? Shirley from Portland said it best, simply put, “I love my Vacuflo.”

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