What to Expect from Gary’s Vacuflo Service

Whether you are already reaping the benefits of a central vacuum in your home or business or you’re thinking about having one installed, you will need access to the best Vacuflo service you can find. Where that is will depend on where you’re located, but if you’re in Oregon or Washington, head straight for Gary’s Vacuflo. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-quality service for a reasonable price. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Gary’s Vacuflo as your Vacuflo service:


If you’re new to the world of central vacuums, we think you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. If you have spent your whole life lugging heavy portable vacuums from room to room, then having a central vacuum system is likely to be a serious game-changer for you. The concept is simple: a large, central motor will power your central vacuum; throughout the building, the technicians from Gary’s Vacuflo will install outlets. When it’s time to vacuum, you simply connect a hose attachment to one of these outlets, and voila—you can begin cleaning. No carrying around heavy equipment is necessary.

The advantages of a central vacuum system go far beyond simple convenience, however; you’ll be reaping health benefits as well. In fact, central vacuum systems are endorsed by the American Lung Association and the American Medical Association because they are so effective at reducing pollutants in the air. Portable vacuums simply blast dust and dirt around as they work, so while they’re cleaning, they are making your home dirtier too. Central vacuums don’t have this problem, as their power source is far away from the hose you’ll be using. Between this and the extra power, you’ll notice a marked reduction in dust, dirt, allergens, and pollutants compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Many people who could be enjoying the benefits of a central vacuum miss out, however. All too often, they are scared off by the concept because they assume something on such a large scale must be cost-prohibitive. If you find the right Vacuflo service, such as Gary’s Vacuflo, this isn’t the case! Gary’s Vacuflo can handle the installation of your central vacuum for a very reasonable price, and it can be considered an investment.

Government reports indicate that having a central vacuum in the home can increase its value by as much as $4,100. Gary’s Vacuflo can also begin installation in any building, regardless of the state of construction it’s in. That is to say, they can put a central vacuum in an incomplete building or in an old building that has stood for decades.

The technicians at Gary’s Vacuflo can also install a central vacuum in your place of business. Many businesses are opting to save time and money by installing central vacuums, so if you own a commercial building, this is something you can consider as well.


Another important element you can expect from Gary’s Vacuflo is a commitment to service. Like all machinery, your central vacuum needs regular care and maintenance. Whether they are the company that installed it or not, Gary’s Vacuflo can help extend the life of your system and ensure that it’s functioning at maximum capacity.

When you schedule a 20 Point Service Inspection from Gary’s Vacuflo, they’ll send technicians to thoroughly check every element of your central vacuum. They will perform basic maintenance, such as tightening the exhaust and line clamps. They’ll clean the power unit and dirt canister, and they’ll deodorize the hose as part of their normal routine. They will also take time to confirm that your warranty is registered, giving you that much more peace of mind. The technicians at Gary’s Vacuflo won’t just leave it at that, either: they’ll explain all the maintenance steps you can take to ensure your system is functioning at maximum capacity.

You’ll also be able to rely on Gary’s Vacuflo should your central vacuum ever need repair. Because they work to ensure that your warranty information is properly registered, you’ll never be blindsided by your system being out of warranty. If you ever do experience any problems with your central vacuum, it’s a small matter to contact the technicians at Gary’s Vacuflo and have them make necessary repairs.

Saving Money

One thing that we’ve noted above is that you’ll actually save money when you have a central vacuum installed. Besides the notable increase in your property value, you’ll also save in other ways as well. Your time is valuable, and a central vacuum will save you a lot of cleaning time because of its increased power. Not only that, but you’ll probably save on medical bills over the years due to the marked increase in your indoor air quality. The savings will even appear on your energy bill; central vacuums are notably more energy efficient than portable vacuum cleaners.

Commercial Enterprise

Gary’s Vacuflo will work with you if you manage your own business as well. If you’re a home builder, a partnership with Gary’s Vacuflo will help you sell homes with central vacuums already installed. In this way, you can add a new and profitable element to your line of work. You’ll save money on maintenance in a commercial building that has a central vacuum installed as well. Since central vacuums are vastly more efficient, you’ll be required to pay for far fewer man hours cleaning the building.

Customer Support

One thing you can always expect from Gary’s Vacuflo is a strong commitment to customer service. Indeed, when you’re searching for a Vacuflo service in your area, this should always be one of the most important things you look for. Take time to read online reviews and check customer testimonials. As you do so, you’ll see the name Gary’s Vacuflo pop up again and again among the five-star reviews. As one of the most well-liked companies in the Washington and Oregon area, you’ll know that you are getting the best quality customer service when you contact Gary’s Vacuflo.

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