A Whole House Vacuum Will Keep Your Home Healthier

Your home is your castle, and you want the best indoor air quality possible for you and your family. Breathing in clean air is important, especially if you have allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems. However, it may be difficult to achieve clean, healthy air with your current traditional vacuum. A whole house vacuum system can give you a boost to make your home healthier—and to keep it that way.

These systems are incredibly useful and easy to use. One centrally-located power unit is installed in an out-of-the-way place in your home, usually in a basement or a garage. Then, each room in your house is connected to this system through a series of pipes in the walls that end in vacuum ports wherever you need them. The power unit is where the vacuumed-up air is filtered, and the particles are captured in a place where they can’t bother your family’s lungs anymore. Even better, this means you won’t need to lug your vacuum up and down stairs anymore!

Here are three ways to make your home healthier using a whole house vacuum system.

1. Mental Health Is Health Too!

Whether you enjoy cleaning or think it’s a drag, the many necessary cleaning tools you need can contribute to stress and negative emotions. For instance, you probably have a vacuum, a broom, dusting cloths, and other paraphernalia that take up more space than you want. Even if all these tools are helpful to you in different ways, it might add to the feeling of clutter, especially if your home is on the smaller side.

While some studies have shown that a little mess can boost creativity, clutter can affect your mental health as well. This means that decluttering some of those tools and items can help with your mental well-being. The stress of opening a closet and realizing that to get to the vacuum, you have to first take out the broom, the bucket and mop, and all of your winter jackets can make cleaning a lot more stressful. You may even find yourself delaying your usual weekly clean, so that the dust and other messes build up longer, contributing to a less-healthy atmosphere.

Having a central vacuum system all through your house means that you won’t need as many cleaning implements as before, and you won’t have to find storage space for it all when you aren’t using them. On top of that, you won’t have to deal with the cord on your old vacuum—simply use the closest hose port and easily put the hose away when you’re done. (This is even easier with the Chameleon retractable hose system, too, where the hose automatically retracts back into the wall.)

2. Your Old Vacuum Doesn’t Help as Much as You Thought

Even a vacuum with a HEPA filter can’t get all the allergens, pollen, and dust out of the air, because the air in the vacuum still has to come back out again. As the air travels through your traditional vacuum, some of these allergens are filtered out, but then some also escape back out into the room around you as the air escapes from the vacuum. This only manages to kick up more dust and germs, which you’ll later breathe in. If you have allergies or breathing problems, this can make your symptoms worse—from itchy eyes and sneezing to asthma.

However, a central vacuum system works differently. When you vacuum using a whole house vacuum system, the air and all those particles are completely removed from the room you’re cleaning. Together, they’re channeled through the pipe system in the walls of your house to the main vacuum unit, leaving you with a sparkling-clean house. You may be used to the dust cloud that a traditional portable vacuum leaves behind—but there’s no more of that either, just the clean air that is now dust-free.

An added benefit of installing the central vacuum unit in a place away from the rest of the house means that you’ll be insulated from the sound of the vacuum as well, and we can install a motor with higher power for additional cleaning strength.

3. Your Indoor Air Quality Will Increase Exponentially

Air pollution might make you think of huge industrial smokestacks spewing out noxious clouds of gas or wildfires that turn the skies sepia and orange. While those things do contribute to poor air quality, you might be surprised to hear that your indoor air quality could be worse if you don’t have a central vacuum system.

Particles in the air are made up of pollen, mold spores, other allergens, pet dander and fur, dried saliva, hair oils, carpet and fabric particles, and other dirt. If you or any of your family members have been spending more time at home during the pandemic, you might also notice that the dust is much thicker and comes back more quickly after you clean it up. That’s because with more people spending time at home, there is more opportunity for us to shed our dead skin cells, and more opportunity to stir up dust and track it in (especially if you go on walks with your dog every day).

Even cooking at home more often can contribute. On top of that, if your home doesn’t have air conditioning and you instead leave windows open for airflow, you’re letting in all kinds of pollen and air pollution in from the outside as well. It’s no wonder we’re all sneezing.
A whole house vacuum system will help since it can remove all these particles from the air, carpeting, upholstery, window dressings, and even hardwood and tile floors. Your health is important to us at Gary’s Vacuflo. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier house.


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