Is a Whole House Vacuum Worth the Upfront Cost?

As long as you’ve been a homeowner, you’ve had to deal with the process of keeping your house clean. Especially for larger homes with one or more flights of stairs, vacuuming can be an exhausting process. You’ll have to lug your vacuum cleaner throughout your whole house; upstairs, then downstairs again and into every room. This can be physically draining, not to mention tedious.

So with all that’s involved in what should be a simple chore, you might have considered having a whole house vacuum installed in your home. But is such a system worth the cost? Are the benefits of a whole house vacuum really all that great? This article will help you answer that question for yourself.

What is a whole house vacuum?

A whole house vacuum, also called a central vacuum system, is basically just what it sounds like. Instead of a portable vacuum cleaner, it’s a system built somewhere in your home that connects to vents throughout the house.

Is a Whole House Vacuum Worth the Upfront Cost - Gary's Vacuflo Blog

When you attach a hose to your vent, the vacuum turns out and can be used to clean your home without lugging large, unwieldy equipment all over the place. In essence, it works like the reverse of your air conditioning system. Instead of blowing cool air throughout the house, a whole house vacuum sucks air back toward the central system.

Needless to say, having one of these systems installed in your home can be considered a massive upgrade and does carry an upfront cost with it. Whether or not this cost is worth it is a decision you’ll have to make yourself, but here are a few of the benefits.

Whole house vacuums are more powerful

First and foremost among the benefits of the whole house vacuum is the added power. Since you’ve got a large central system in your home itself, as opposed to the small motor of a portable vacuum, you get to take advantage of the increased airflow.

This extra power means your whole house vacuum can suck up a lot more dirt, pet dander, and pollen than a portable vacuum. Your home will get much cleaner, and you’ll be able to spend significantly less time cleaning your home and more time doing the things you’d rather be doing.

Also, since the air, along with all of that dirt, dust, and grime, is being drawn toward a central system, you won’t have to deal with the issue of exhaust from the vacuum blasting other dust and dirt around and undoing your hard work. For this reason, homes that have central vacuum systems are always much cleaner and have cleaner air. This isn’t just a benefit to your home; it will lead to improved health for yourself and your family as well.

They are also are much quieter

One of the big problems with portable vacuums is the huge amount of noise they make. The unfortunate side effect of this is that while your home is being cleaned, no one else will be able to get much done. The noise is too distracting! Besides this, the roar of your portable vacuum will terrify your poor pets.

Whole house vacuums don’t have this problem to nearly the same degree; because their motors are located far away from the parts of the home people and animals live in, you won’t have to deal with so much abrasive noise.

You’ll have to do a lot less physical work

As we mentioned above, you won’t have to lug your portable vacuum all the way around the house. This alone might be worth the cost! It’s incredibly demanding, from a physical standpoint, to bring your portable vacuum all the way around your home. Up one flight of stairs, then back down, into one room, and back into the next. It’s exhausting!

If you have a whole house vacuum, all you need is a hose you can plug into your wall and get your work done quickly and effectively. You also won’t have to deal with things like tangled power cords, finding an outlet or getting an extension cord, and other inconveniences that go along with a portable vacuum.

Whole house vacuums are cheaper to maintain

While having a central vacuum system certainly comes with a big upfront cost, you can look at this expense as an investment. If you have been making use of portable vacuums, you know that their motors only last for a certain number of years before they need to be replaced. Over the years, the cost of buying new vacuum cleaners can really add up! Not only that, they require maintenance and replacement of equipment.

Of course, your whole house vacuum will need maintenance as well, but usually, it won’t be nearly as much as with a portable vacuum. With a whole house vacuum, you can expect to save a great deal of money on things like filters, bags, and other replacement parts.

They also increase the value of your home

Building on the above point, whole house vacuums are really an investment toward the future. Not only will they keep your family healthier and keep your home cleaner, you’ll also be able to use your central vacuum as a selling point when the time comes to sell your house.

If you can tell your potential buyers that your home has a central vacuum, you’ll probably be able to tack a few thousand extra dollars onto the price tag.

So how do I get a whole house vacuum?

If you think that installing a whole house vacuum will be worth the upfront cost, simply contact a professional whole house vacuum provider in your area. Companys, such as us here at Gary’s Vacuflo, will be able to evaluate your home and tell you what size unit you’ll need; they can then quote you a price. They’ll handle all the other elements as well, such as installation and replacement parts when necessary. Of course, they’ll also provide you with all the information you need to use your new whole house vacuum.

So, is a whole house vacuum worth the upfront cost? We sure think so!

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